The Unicorn Museum presents a walk through history. Designed by a noted fantasy author, this state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the fantastical and highly implausible to life.

A fully engaging, sensory experience for intellectually undiscerning guests. Murals and realistic scenery, computer-generated visual effects, over fifty exotic animal-like replicas, life-sized giant and hill troll animatronics, and a special-effects theater complete with elven air conditioning and dwarven hand-crafted drink holders. These are just some of the impressive exhibits that everyone in your family will enjoy.


Based on the idea of 'if it's in the Bible, it must be true', The Unicorn Museum promotes belief in the Biblical Truth of unicorns, a creature mentioned nine times in the KJV Bible.

This website has been published as an act of protest by the Brotherhood of Fantasy Creatures (MiddleEarth Div.157) in response to the injurious actions of the Creation Museum. The Creation Museum is a new $27 Million facility designed to teach the ‘truth’ of Creationism and the Christian Bible. We of the BFC feel that this group represents a threat to continued belief in other fantasy creatures/BFC signatory members and have constructed this website as a protest against their monopolistic and anti-competitive practices.

In particular it pains us to witness the conduct of our brethren the Angels and Demons. For over 2000 years, these members have acted in defiance of the BFC’s Code of Conduct through ongoing fraternization with the human special interest group ‘Christianity’. BFC members agree to conduct themselves at all times in the best interests of every BFC members, yet these scabs have consistently acted in their own self-interest, creating an enduring belief system that not only inflates their own importance in the realm of human affairs, but systematically oppresses belief in other fantasy creatures including Elves, Gnomes, Naiads, and our Brothers Hippogriff.

We, the signatory members of the Brotherhood of Fantasy Creatures, attest that the parties identified as Angels, and Devils did knowingly engage in the following activities

  • Violation of BFC Rule #32 ­ Fraternization with Human Special Interest Groups
  • Intellectual property violations for unlicensed use of the Occult trademarks “Fish”, “Pentagram”, and “Triquetra
  • Slanderous and unapproved characterizations of BFC members including the Serpent, Dragon, and Unicorn in the Human publication “Holy Bible” (Gutenberg, 1457 A.D.)
  • Systematic oppression of human belief in alternative fantasy creatures (see “No Other Gods” Moses, 1446 B.C.)

Our goal is to raise donations from the human population sufficient to place a Unicorn Museum billboard near the site of the Creation Museum. This will help build awareness in the human community of alternative fantasy creatures and help us regain our rightful place among the human pantheon of gods and monsters. Please Donate and help us reach our goal.


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